First of all, a disclaimer, of sorts: 

I’ve tried to make the content of this site pretty easy to understand for anyone who might be interested in reading through it.  To that effect, at least some of you might find at least some parts of this website to be too “basic” or general for your liking.  It’s not that I think you’re stupid, I promise, it’s just that I want to provide a solid foundation for everyone and anyone who visits the site.

Many of my linguist friends might not know much about Gaelic. Many of my Gaelic friends might not know much about linguistics.  Or, they all might *think* they know a lot about the other, because it’s all just kilts and dictionaries, right? (Wrong.) So I’m going to try and answer here the awkward questions that people are just too shy to ask, like, “So, uh, what IS a linguist, anyway?”

In any case, my mom will be one of the first to admit that she doesn’t really know much about Gaelic OR Linguistics, and I definitely want my mom to be able to understand both of those topics, and what I’m doing, especially since I am all the way on the other side of the country, and moms always like to know what their kids are up to.

Plus, if we’re going to be talking about raising awareness about and promoting Gaelic, it’s good – in fact, essential – to be able to explain the situation and context to people who are not involved in the community in a friendly, helpful way that they can understand. No sense in scaring people away with bibliographies and heavy books and heated arguments — save that for the academics, I say, because they enjoy it an awful lot.  There are plenty of resources around that go into more depth for you to dive into if you so wish. 

For those reasons, the content of the site is not thoroughly researched and referenced like a research paper – I am pretty much just writing what I think I know.  So if you find a section that’s too basic, just skip it!  Or, read it, and then yell at me for making sweeping generalizations, whatever, it’s cool.

I welcome any comments, corrections, criticisms, suggestions, questions, or shiny things, and you can get in touch with me this way.


ABOUT | The page you’re on now, the one that explains about the site.

BIO | A little background about my history and experience, my connection to Gaelic, and generally a weak attempt to answer the question “Who am I?”

BLOG | This is where I’ll be posting my thoughts and ideas as they come up; the page I’ll be updating regularly.

GAELIC | An introduction to what I mean by Gaelic, and why there are no Gaelic words on the site.

LINGUISTICS | A basic definition, and Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers!)

RESOURCES | Some hopefully helpful and / or interesting links to more information.  Enter at your own risk.


2 responses to “About

  1. Rose/Auntie

    I like the shiny things….ha ha. Oh by the way….how do you say “Canucks” in Gaelic???

  2. Thanks! I’ll try to remember to ask someone if there’s a word for Canucks! ;) “Go Canucks!” would be “Suas leis a’ Canucks!”

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