Gaelic Awareness Month 2011

Today is the official launch of Gaelic Awareness Month in Nova Scotia!  Actually, the month of May is Gaelic Awareness Month, but it’s kind of nice to kick it off a bit early because there will be a lot of competition in the news with the Wedding & Election coming up on either side of the weekend… 

Obviously, I’m pretty excited about Gaelic Awareness Month, since it will be a great opportunity for me to participate in several activities and meet new people in the community.  But I am also excited because I’ll be able to get all overly-enthusiastic about Gaelic in public with the excuse that it’s Gaelic Awareness Month, so people will understand if I’m a little weird.  Little do they know that the enthusiasm is here to stay, long after May has come and gone. 

As you can imagine, Gaelic Awareness Month is a great thing for my new blog!  You can expect various posts themed around different types of Gaelic-related awareness, starting with this one. 

For example, did you know that May is Gaelic Awareness Month? I didn’t, until I arrived in Nova Scotia a few weeks ago.  I also discovered that Gaelic Awareness Month has apparently been happening for 15 years! You see, we are more aware already. It’s that easy! 

If you want find out about what’s happening during Gaelic Awareness Month, may I suggest visiting the Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia’s Events Calendar? (


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  1. Terry/mom

    very interesting I hope you have a great week.

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